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You want privilege? You got it!

You want privilege? You got it!.


Great article by Paul Elam.

Injury – Women’s Health USA 2008

Injury – Women’s Health USA 2008.

Yep, facts stranger than fiction.  Women are by far injured seriously by accidents, overexertion, and other unintentional causes.  DV related (“interpersonal violence”) doesn’t even figure in the top 10.

300,000 abused?

A view from Canada.

300,000 Abused?

The National Marriage Project, U.Va.

The National Marriage Project, U.Va..

Good reference to tie to marriage and religion

‘Scared’ of Same-Sex Marriage, or Better Informed? | MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory

‘Scared’ of Same-Sex Marriage, or Better Informed? | MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory.

Good analysis- a shift from a traditional definition of marriage- sacred, only to be sanctioned by the state- to a legalistic, public policy “good” defined by the state, is at root the cause of many problems related to the marriage debate.

The rectification of names: progressive


via The rectification of names: progressive.

McLuhanesque reference to the power of language to shape thought and politics.

Since, to most at least, the Left controls the bulk of the media in the US, such “progressive” thoughtspeak bodes ill for those who might disagree.  Read Animal Farm if you doubt the importance of redefining terms- and history.

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Says Calm Down About Climate Change

Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Says Calm Down About Climate Change.

I like the long term perspective…

Huffington’s House of Horrors


So much for objective reporting.  Yellow journalism is one thing, but intentional one-sided misrepresentation of people with opposing views, combined with non-existent fact checking defines irresponsible reporting.

Try to submit a comment that “goes against their editorial position” and you’ll get blacklisted.

Ideological gulags are alive and well and living in the blogosphere.

Phyllis Schlafly : A Good Father’s Day Gift – Townhall.com

Phyllis Schlafly : A Good Father’s Day Gift – Townhall.com.

Phyllis says it like it is.   How does one stop the government gravy train once it pulls out of the station?

Aborting Fatherhood

Aborting Fatherhood

Interesting if thought about. If women can terminate/keep a child to term at her whim, why not a man? Good points by the author Elam. If “equality” were real equality, then men could walk away from parenting as easily as women.